The Experts in Relaxation Dentistry

Welcome to Zen Dental! We are The Experts in Relaxation Dentistry. Come immerse yourself in the tranquility of our Exclusive “Zen Lounge” featuring one of the most advanced massage chairs in the world with a foot massage that will make you melt! In addition, our Zen Lounge features aromatherapy, humidified climate, filtered air, a charging dock for your cell phone, color light therapy and an amazing zen soundtrack!


Our Exclusive Zen Lounge


Personalized dentistry. It’s a bit like the opposite of general dentistry. Each patient is treated like a family member. You already know how you are treated when you have an appointment with your MD, we are the exact opposite. No long waits, no impersonal treatment, no bad smells and no pain. This isn’t your typical old-school office. Like nitrous, we have that, how about an Ipad with Netflix and Pandora? We have that too. We also have 3 D movie glasses.Noise canceling headphones, blankets, neck pillows the list goes on and on!

Come see why we consistently get 5-star reviews on Yelp!

Click below to view a video demonstrating what you will experience with this amazing massage chair in our Zen Lounge, your feet will love you!

ZenDental is located in Downtown Los Angeles and has been providing unparalleled dental care to the residents of Downtown LA and all of Los Angeles for over 7 years. Finding a quality Los Angeles dentist can be challenging, but we at Zen Dental strive to make it as painless as our procedures.  In 2004 Zen Dental was conceived by Dr. Jay Khorsandi to showcase his passion and skill in providing comprehensive dental care in a very relaxed and soothing environment. We strive to provide the best in service and comfort in all our procedures including painless cleanings and fillings, cosmetic dentistry, bondings and white fillings, Invisalign, veneers, crowns, implants and more.

Since its inception Zen Dental has been designed to challenge the perception of the typical dental office by providing a peaceful and relaxing experience in a “historically” less than calming setting.

View the latest video from Zen Dental: “What to expect with Invisalign at ZenDental with Dr. Alessandra Raschkovsky”