How to Protect Your Teeth This Football Season

The falling leaves, the tailgate party, the celebrated touchdown. Autumn marks the beginning of football season, one of the nation’s favorite pastimes. For athletes and sports enthusiasts, it is a time of high activity—and increased risk of losing a tooth. If you play a football or another fall contact sport, there are steps you can take to protect your mouth from damage.

  • Wear a helmet. Helmets must be worn on the field during game. The same rules should be used during training. Even a light practice or daily drill can leave a player vulnerable to injuries in the skull and jaw area. It is important to shield yourself against potential trauma to the head and mouth area any time you engage in playing football, whether it be fielding passes, scrimmages, or casually tossing the football.
  • Use a mouth guard. When it comes to protecting the teeth, a mouth guard is, perhaps, the most essential piece of sports equipment an athlete can have. Inexpensive and versatile, a mouth guard can be purchased at most sports outfitters and equipment stores. A mouth guard can be generic in shape or it can be molded, which means it can be heated in hot water and adjusted to conform to the shape of the teeth. Mouth guards offer a barrier of protection to the teeth. For added comfort and a highly durable material, you may want to consider investing in a custom, dentist mouth guard.

What to Do If You Lose a Tooth during Sports

Tooth loss due to a sports-related impact is a common reason people seek dental care and restoration. Football, soccer, field and ice hockey, and lacrosse are just some of the sports that can put your teeth at risk. Even if you are cautious and take care to protect yourself from injury, accidents can, and do, happen. If you have suffered a lost tooth or need dental care after an accident, contact Zen Dental for an appointment. We can help restore your smile and provide advice on how to maintain your teeth after injury.